SMA Equipment, your heavy equipment partner


Be available. Be proactive. We know how busy farmers, foremen and project managers are. By taking charge from the first contact and keeping them informed every step of the way for maximum transparency, we’re earning their trust. We’re there to give support and advice, and to put mechanical issues into perspective. Is it better to repair a machine or buy a new one? Should I buy a new piece of equipment or opt for a custom build? We’ll give you all the data along with the recommendations of our professionals, so you can make the right decision at every turn. For us, the best service is one that ensures the success of your business.

It’s no secret: trust has to be earned. Put us to the test!


Our goal might put a smile on your face: we want you to call us as little as possible!

How do we make that happen? By ensuring that your construction equipment and machinery are running at peak performance once repairs or maintenance are completed. By sending the right expert to deal with each of your problems and by giving you the most comprehensive diagnoses, we can be sure that the work will be done to the highest standards in the industry. To keep this commitment, our team undergoes continual training, both internally and internationally. We believe that the results speak for themselves when it comes to quality, regardless of the road we have to take and the challenges we have to overcome to get there!



Repairing, maintaining and even purchasing heavy equipment can be a puzzle. The good news is that we LOVE puzzles! Our teams are all about problem solving. As you’ll see, we love to discuss, learn and offer advice in each of our fields of expertise. We belong in the field, in garages and workshops, doing what brings us the greatest satisfaction: fixing what’s broken and allowing you to continue to pursue YOUR passion.

SMA is brimming with enthusiasm, which we love to share with our clients and partners whenever we meet!