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Mechanic Services
for Construction Equipment

Bit of mechanical trouble? Looking to buy new construction equipment or just need some advice? Our pros are here for you!

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Remote site mobile mechanics

Whether you’re on a farm, on a remote construction site, or in a mine up north, we’re always ready to come to your help. Our technicians travel across the Canadian territory. We’re your greatest ally for projects in remote areas. With our mobile mechanic service, you’ll have one of our professionals at your disposal to maintain and repair your fleet of construction vehicles and heavy equipment, anywhere in Canada. Connected to our workshop, they’ll have access to all the resources of the large SMA team and its wide variety of skills to properly carry out the work.


Our diagnostic tools, paired with the expertise of our team members, will give you a complete picture of the health of your construction, mining, agriculture and forestry equipment and other machinery. We’ll help you make the right decision when it comes to repairing, replacing, or purchasing parts for your equipment.


Emergency or not, our team will quickly come to you, either on your working site or your workshop, to make a diagnosis and fix your equipment. We can also do the repairs from our garage, it’s up to you!

For less urgent situations, our experts can travel to your workshop and perform repairs and maintenance on several pieces of equipment at a time, using your tools and spare parts. We work as a team with your mechanics!

For more complex projects, we perform the work in our garages with our own specialized equipment. This gives us the ability to build custom tools and to take advantage of the expertise of our many in-house specialists.

Parts workshop

Mechanical trouble? We got you covered! Our workshop team possesses both the experience and tools to fix engines, powertrains, transmissions, differentials, and more. Additionally, we specialize in drilling, fixing rotative heads, vibro systems, and other drilling machinery components.

We’ve put together a team of specialists in various areas to maximize our expertise in engine parts. With the latest technology at their disposal, they’ll test, repair and refurbish your equipment, all while improving its performance and life span!

Diesel engines

Experiencing issues with your diesel engine? Allow us the opportunity to take care of it! Our experienced mechanics will provide you with all the necessary information and the best solution for refurbishing. They will also discuss the costs of both new and used engines for comparison, empowering you to make an informed decision.

Hydraulics workshop

We know hydraulics! With 25 years of expertise in repairing rotator, pump and motor systems, we’ll get your equipment back up and running, no matter how complex the problem.

Parts sales

We offer a wide selection of parts from a broad range of brands for your repairs. We’ll be happy to assist you in choosing the best products based on your needs and budget.

Already have a mechanic? We’ll take care of supplying the parts. Our access to major brand inventories enables us to find everything you need for your repairs.

Custom manufacturing

There’s no task too big for us! Whether you require custom design, project, assembly, or repairs, we are up for the challenge. Rely on our team’s ingenuity for the tailored conception of your solution. We absolutely love challenges!

While the major brands offer a variety of equipment, sometimes contractors can’t seem to find the right product to fit their needs. Here’s where our team’s ingenuity and know-how comes in: we can design a project that will allow you to do your work without making any compromises.


At SMA, our goal is to provide you with the service that suits your needs best. With that in mind, we’ve established a welding department to accommodate your specific heavy equipment request.

We are able to perform various types of welding to meet your precise requirements. Trust our team of certified welders for your projects requiring:

  • TIG Welding

  • MIG/MAG Welding

  • Arc Welding

  • GTAW Welding (Tungsten Electrodes)

Drilling equipment sales

Tell us about your specific needs and we’ll be delighted to give you the best advice in purchasing our drilling equipment or compressor. We also offer these equipment parts for replacement or repairs. 

Looking for drilling machinery or a compressor? Here are the brands we work with:

Drilling equipment rentals

Embarking on a new project that requires equipment you don’t currently own, and uncertain about future needs? SMA offers a new rental service, enabling you to proceed with your project without incurring significant expenses.

Should you later realize that owning this equipment would be a must for your ongoing business, we also provide Rental Purchase Options (RPO).